At «Colegio Berchmans» school in Cali, Colombia, we invited our students to see themselves differently, to discover the path to the fullness of life by asking themselves «Who do I really want to be?»


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To do this, we implemented the global initiative “Who Do You Want to Be?” as a resource to accompany our students during the Lenten season. This Lenten exercise was an opportunity for our educational community to reflect on the importance of joining together in God’s mission.

Implementing the Lent initiative “Who Do You Want to Be?”

The videos and questions guided our students to reflect on the care of our common home and on how to show others the way to God. We reflected on our relationship with God, with others, and with creation, making real commitments to build a more sustainable and hopeful world.


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We also remembered the spiritual path of Saint Ignatius through an itinerary of spiritual conversations about the challenges of being persons for others.

We are happy to share some photographs of this fruitful and meaningful experience. To see all the pictures click here «Who do you want to be?» Lent




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